Gift Box & Delivery

Gift boxes of flowers are all delivered in floral foam. Floral foam is used to hold the flowers in place and stores water for the flowers to drink. When delivered to your door the floral foam will be full of water, over the next few days the flowers will drink this water. A small amount of care by you will extend the life of your flowers. The floral foam should be wet to touch, if it is not please pour a little water in the middle of the arrangement until the foam feels wet, this will help your flowers live the longest possible time for you to enjoy.

Bunches & Bouquets

Bunches and bouquets are all delivered in our water pouches, this is a temporary water source and flowers should not be left in these for more than a day. When you receive your bouquet the water pouch will need to be removed and flowers placed in a vase or suitable container, please fill your vase as high to the top as possible with clean fresh cold water.

(Do not add sugar or any other products to the water,this will cause them to open  quicker and therefore shorten their life span)

A small amount of care with your bouquets will also extend the life of your fresh flowers. Changing the water daily (this will stop bacteria breeding and your flowers dying prematurely)  and cutting a tiny amount off the stems will prolong the life of your flowers.


While we guarantee our flowers for the first few days a small amount of care at home by you will have them looking good and lasting longer. You may be surprised how long they last by following these simple instructions. Enjoy!